Thursday, June 10, 2010

“The ball is hurtling through the air towards the far away green.
Will it be a hole-in-one, a birdie? “

Whatever, it will be a great personal or corporate gift for him.
Hand cut and etched by master craftsmen in 24%PbO crystal
this is a “heavy-to-hold” glass of the highest quality and
will be an appreciated gift.

The glass is designed in our studio on the Gold Coast
then mouth blown, hand cut and etched by master craftsmen,
It holds 375 ml which makes it ideal to “transfer’ from
the bottle to the glass and there is room on top for
a good head of foam!

An upmarket gift
for the golfer at any time during the year,

Special Offer During July Only !
Pay only AUD 37.00 per glass including postage within Australia
Buy 4 in a plain box and pay only 97.00 incl. postage.

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