Thursday, June 10, 2010


Mention the word “Caravan” and we envision camel caravans winding their way across the dessert in search of an oasis.

Laden with frankincense, myrrh, pearls, pepper, cloves and the ornate filigreed wares produced by Indian metal smiths.

From southern Arabia Bedouin tribesmen guided their caravans across the sands of the Empty Quarter, through the twisted trails of the Sinai to Cairo, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem.

For thousand of years this goes on !

With history in mind we created the Caravan glass for you to enjoy. It will add elegance to any dining table and is sure to be a talking point. It is unique, suits red and white wines as well as just being a beautiful water goblet.

About the glass:

Hand cut in 24%PbO crystal and etched by master craftsmen.

Signed by the artist.

Unique design

Excellent personal or corporate gift.

Use for red/white wine or water.

Price: AUD 55.00 per glass. Comes in a presentation box.

Also available in a presentation box of 6. Price: 330.00

Please allow for postage or courier. Cost upon request.

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Hans B. Sander said...

We only have a small supply of these glasses so first come, first served !