Friday, June 11, 2010

"The Canadian" - Verre de vin Canadien

I once lived in Canada and remember the wines from British Columbia to this day. Wonderful vineyards producing outstanding wines which needs a wonderful glass!

When I set out to design a wine glass for the Canadian market it was obvious what I should use. Yes, I was thinking of a wine leaf at first but no, it had to be a maple leaf, the symbol that unites the nation.

The glass is made of 24%PbO crystal then hand cut and etched by master craftsmen. The number of rings around the glass represents the 10 provinces and the three territories

With today’s lifestyle in mind, I designed the glass to be suitable for all varieties of

wine, red, white or rose or as a splendid water goblet. I also wanted a glass that would be the talking point around the dining table and I think this as been achieved.

About the glass:

Hand cut in 24% PbO crystal and etched by master craftsmen.

Signed by the artist.

Unique design

Excellent corporate gift.

Use for red/white wine or “clear, cold water”.

The glass comes in a presentation box and cost CAD 50.00 plus the postage from Australia. We also have presentation box with 6 glasses ( a great corporate or personal gift ) costing CAD 330.00 plus the postage.

There is a very limited supply of these glasses so buy now and be one of 10 persons in Canada with this unique glass.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Mention the word “Caravan” and we envision camel caravans winding their way across the dessert in search of an oasis.

Laden with frankincense, myrrh, pearls, pepper, cloves and the ornate filigreed wares produced by Indian metal smiths.

From southern Arabia Bedouin tribesmen guided their caravans across the sands of the Empty Quarter, through the twisted trails of the Sinai to Cairo, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem.

For thousand of years this goes on !

With history in mind we created the Caravan glass for you to enjoy. It will add elegance to any dining table and is sure to be a talking point. It is unique, suits red and white wines as well as just being a beautiful water goblet.

About the glass:

Hand cut in 24%PbO crystal and etched by master craftsmen.

Signed by the artist.

Unique design

Excellent personal or corporate gift.

Use for red/white wine or water.

Price: AUD 55.00 per glass. Comes in a presentation box.

Also available in a presentation box of 6. Price: 330.00

Please allow for postage or courier. Cost upon request.

“The ball is hurtling through the air towards the far away green.
Will it be a hole-in-one, a birdie? “

Whatever, it will be a great personal or corporate gift for him.
Hand cut and etched by master craftsmen in 24%PbO crystal
this is a “heavy-to-hold” glass of the highest quality and
will be an appreciated gift.

The glass is designed in our studio on the Gold Coast
then mouth blown, hand cut and etched by master craftsmen,
It holds 375 ml which makes it ideal to “transfer’ from
the bottle to the glass and there is room on top for
a good head of foam!

An upmarket gift
for the golfer at any time during the year,

Special Offer During July Only !
Pay only AUD 37.00 per glass including postage within Australia
Buy 4 in a plain box and pay only 97.00 incl. postage.

The Australian Wine Glass

Australian Wine – How Good Can It Get?

Australian wines have become very popular during the last decade with U.S. being one of the biggest markets.

A company in Australia has taken the pleasure of drinking Australian wines a bit further. They have designed The Australian Wine Glass and it has met with overwhelming success selling in art stores and direct from

It is sure to be the talking point around the dining table.

The glass is hand cut by master craftsmen in 24%PbO crystal and signed by the artists which further increases its value.

Retailing at 55 Australian dollars plus postage it is well suited as a personal or corporate gift.
We are offering the glass at a very special price at the moment so take advantage when you see this good deal !

One glass in presentation box AUD 25.00 plus postage
4 glasses in plain box AUD 80.00 plus postage
6 glasses in a presentation box AUD 180.00

This is sensation value and a VERY appreciated gift to anybody.