Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Australian Wine Glass

Australian Wine – How Good Can It Get?

Australian wines have become very popular during the last decade with U.S. being one of the biggest markets.

A company in Australia has taken the pleasure of drinking Australian wines a bit further. They have designed The Australian Wine Glass and it has met with overwhelming success selling in art stores and direct from

It is sure to be the talking point around the dining table.

The glass is hand cut by master craftsmen in 24%PbO crystal and signed by the artists which further increases its value.

Retailing at 55 Australian dollars plus postage it is well suited as a personal or corporate gift.
We are offering the glass at a very special price at the moment so take advantage when you see this good deal !

One glass in presentation box AUD 25.00 plus postage
4 glasses in plain box AUD 80.00 plus postage
6 glasses in a presentation box AUD 180.00

This is sensation value and a VERY appreciated gift to anybody.

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